Ten Ways You and Your Camera See Differently

In brief: The human eye and the lens of a camera have similar components to them. The iris of our eye represents the glass in the lens. The retina, on which the image is focused inside our eyes, can be … Read more →

DSLR vs. Mirrorless: Why I Haven’t Switched Yet and Why You Should

In brief: Many photographers, especially men, suffer from GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome. This photographic ailment causes you to constantly dream of and lust for new cameras, lenses and other photography equipment. Mirrorless cameras and advances in algorithms have made … Read more →

How to Take Charge of Your Photography Lighting

In brief: Light is made up of tiny straight lines moving in wave motion. These waves are measured in nanometres. Human eye can see wavelengths ranging from 400 to 700 nm When light comes in contact with a surface, it … Read more →

Drawing with Light – The Most Important Element in Photography

In brief: Without light there would not be life on this planet. Light is also a prerequisite for photography The word photography means drawing with light. Photographers use two kinds of light: natural and artificial The aspects of light relevant … Read more →

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