How to Create Intentional Photography

In brief: Like people, buildings have their better sides, and they benefit from beautiful light. The worst time for photographing a house is when the sun is shining from behind the building. The best times are overcast days and sunsets … Read more →

Drawing with Light – The Most Important Element in Photography

In brief: Without light there would not be life on this planet. Light is also a prerequisite for photography The word photography means drawing with light. Photographers use two kinds of light: natural and artificial The aspects of light relevant … Read more →

Sigma DP2 Merrill Review: Medium Format Photo Quality in a Small Package

If you’re looking for medium format photo quality in a small, affordable package, look no further than Sigma’s Merrill cameras. Sigma DP2 Merrill is an all-round camera that’s built like tank and produces some of the best photos you’ll ever see. Read more →

Always Fresh – A Look at William Eggleston’s Photography

In brief: William Eggleston is an American photographer famous for his groundbreaking colour photography It is largely because of Eggleston that colour photography is now accepted as a genuine art form Eggleston’s photographs depict the every day world in all … Read more →

How to Photograph Harlem Like Jack Garofalo and Gordon Parks

In brief: Harlem is a predominantly black neighbourhood in Manhattan, New York, with a vibrant cultural history Jack Garofalo created his colourful photo essay on Harlem in 1970 Gordon Parks took his black and white photos of Harlem streets in … Read more →