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Lemongrove Road Teas Product Photography

I photograph all things, great and small.

My product photography shoots can be held at the client premises, outdoors or in a professional studio, as needed.

When shooting products, correct lighting is essential. Therefore, I take great care and attention in the setting up process—lighting, props, backgrounds, colours, and the space required for shooting.

Cleaning of images and deep-etching, when necessary, is a major part of professional product photography. All our photos are professionally edited and delivered to the client in a high-resolution format.

Product Photography Clients

  • Babystitch, Blue Mountains
  • Blue Eco Homes, Blue Mountains
  • Colour On Location, Blue Mountains
  • Lyn Hart, Blue Mountains
  • Metalscape, Blue Mountains
  • Orbie Mini Donuts, Kurrajong
  • Springwood Printing, Blue Mountains
  • Vicky Frank, Little Hartley

Product Photography

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